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“The Story of My Death”
— a script based on the book, The Poet and the Dictator: Lauro de Bosis Resists Fascism in Italy and America. Berkeley, California, 2003.

NEW! “Our House, Emily’s House”
— appeared in Amherst Magazine, (Fall 2013), 18-25.

“Lauro de Bosis Between Italy and America, 1924-1930: The Making of An Anti-Fascist Mind”
— appeared in The Italian American Review, 7 (Winter 2000), No. 2,  77-98.

“Chinese Export Porcelain in Salem”
— published in Ceramics and Glass at the Essex Institute, Salem: The Essex Institute, 1985, 6-23.

“Hispanic Blue-and-White Faience in the Chinese Style”
— published in Blue and White Chinese Porcelain and its Impact on the Western World. The University of Chicago: the Smart Gallery, 1985, 43-54.

“Emily Dickinson and ‘Sister Sue’”
— published in Prairie Schooner, 52 (No. 1), Spring 1978, 90-108.

“Emily Dickinson: Profile of the Poet as Cook, with Selected Recipes”
— Amherst, Massachusetts, 1976, 28 pp., 14 illustrations.